Jennifer Schlueter


Jennifer Schlueter is a seasoned communications leader with broad + deep experience across all corporate communications disciplines. She has 10+ years working with visionary CEOs and 10+ years as an IRO.

Her corporate communications experience spans PR, organizational positioning, executive visibility and employee communications. An adept writer, she has ghost written bylines, blogs and op-eds, and authored hundreds of press releases. She has written copy for websites, CSR and annual reports. As a speechwriter, she is adept at taking on the tone and tenor of C-suite executives, ensuring they are prepared and at their best at the podium. She has managed all aspects of corporate websites, revitalized town hall meetings and introduced small-scale informal coffee events amongst leadership and staff.

Jennifer started her career in investor relations, earning a finance degree while working full time. She finds her financial point of view helpful when writing for executives, a cohort that often looks to data to support/amplify a story. She has been a company spokesperson for most of her professional career. As an IRO, she has managed all aspects of earnings, capital market transactions and stewarded several publicly-listed companies through crises and unplanned corporate events. She has created hundreds of investor presentations and helped reposition companies after unexpected setbacks. She has a keen eye for continually improving content to ensure it is current, relevant and addresses ever-changing concerns of the investment community.

In 2010, Jennifer moved to Hong Kong (as a trailing, expat spouse). While there she expanded her portfolio of capabilities and led investor relations and corporate communications at a private equity firm, led and re-invigorated a practice at a global communications agency and worked at two not-for-profit firms. As head of fundraising at Hong Kong's maritime museum, she brought skills honed in IR, shipping and writing together to position the museum as a leading cultural institution. While at CFA Institute, her financial services experience helped elevate the company's brand and increased the visibility for regional spokespersons across 16 markets in Asia Pacific. She returned to the U.S. in mid-2018.

This portfolio showcases the breath and depth of her work, almost all of which is or has been in the public domain.

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