A seasoned communications leader with broad + deep experience across all corporate communications disciplines, I have 10+ years of professional experience working with visionary CEOs and 10+ years as an IRO.

My corporate communications skills span PR, organizational positioning, executive visibility, crisis and employee communications. An adept writer, I have ghostwritten bylines, blogs and op-eds and authored hundreds of press releases. I have written copy for annual reports, SEC filings and CSR/Integrated reports, and as a speechwriter, am adept at taking on the tone and tenor of leaders and ensuring they are at their best at the podium. I have managed all aspects of corporate websites, revitalized town hall meetings and introduced small-scale informal coffee events and skip-level meetings amongst leadership and staff.

I began my career in investor relations, earning a finance degree while working full time. I find my financial point of view is helpful when writing for executives, a cohort that often looks to data to support/amplify a story. As an IRO, I have managed every aspect of quarterly/annual earnings, successful and failed capital market transactions and stewarded multiple crises.

To every role I've brought a keen instinct for continual improvement, always addressing the ever-changing concerns of the investment community. I have been a spokesperson for most of my professional career.

In 2010 I moved to Hong Kong as a trailing, expat spouse. While there, I expanded my portfolio of capabilities diving deep into pan-region media relations, executive visibility and organizational repositioning. While overseas I also set up my own consulting shop and led a financial communications practice serving multinational public and private companies for a global communications agency.

This portfolio showcases the breath and depth of my work, almost all of which is, or has been, in the public domain.